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  by Tadman
On my monday ride out of Chicago, I noticed quite a lot of big power on CSS. The customary CSX wide-cab GE's were parked at Bethlehem/Mittal in Burns Harbor, awaiting some coal empties. But then, two UPRR SD90's were parked at Nipsco in Michigan City, seen from the train at Sheridan Siding. Funny how the CSS record for high-powered engine is still set by CSS home power, the 800-class. How's that for a little interurban that NYC wouldn't even interchange with at one time?

  by dinwitty
the SS has certainly cut its stone in place, tho with the high power 800's
there were limitations on their use which is why the 700's.
but the 800's would take anything you gavem.

South Shore got lucky to buy them, prolly at a discount since russia wasnt getting them,.,....prolly at a time they needed big power for aging steeplejacks.

  by Tadman
I would bet CSS got the bargain of the century on both 700 and 800 series. Those 800's were a money pit for GE, and the 700's were useless at NYC. Although it probably cost them some decent money to rewire the 700 series.