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  by PRRGuy
There's a south shore bay-window over in hammond, by the civic center, along with a wabash reefer and a NKP 2-8-2. The caboose is pretty burned out though.

  by dinwitty
Tadman wrote:there you go... it must have something to do with high platforms or a newer bridge, because I'm sure joes made it to Kensington to interchange freight for the 10 years before 700's showed up, although I know certain sidings or spurs wouldn't hold their weight.

ya'll think if we put together a petition, we could borrow IRM's joe for some testing in a few weekends?
SS used the steeplecabs before the 700's, 700's came, buhbye steeplecabs.

  by Tadman
you know I forget about those little critters - very un South Shore-like to actually have an interurban piece of equipment that is also used for conventional interurban purposes.

But the Kaplan books and the morning sun book show joes running over the bridge at Ford City - so they still made it west, although I get the feeling the 700's did so more than 800's.

  by MikeF
One of the South Shore videos that's out shows an 800 switching down by Kensington, which was a pretty common occurrence. Of course, the C&O Geeps were also used for that service.

  by Tadman
Modified Paint Schemes!

So the orignial Sumitomo scheme was very period 1980's.
The modernized narrow window band in quieter but kind of boring.

Where SHOULD we be with regard to paint and looking good?

Click on the link to see some mock-ups i did in MS paint.