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  by caboose9

BART has at least one cupola caboose. I've not seen it, but I've heard it described as "a cupola caboose on a flat car". Does anyone know the number &/or hereitage of this car? Where is it stored when not in use?

Do they have more than one caboose?

Thanks, Roger

  by Alloy
Hi Roger--
There appears to be a BART work train at one maintenanace station on the Fremont line. The location is between Fruitvale and Lake Merritt stations, right at the tunnel entrance where BART goes underground.

At the speed BART goes at that point, details are hard to come by. But I believe this area is visible from city streets--somewhere around the area of Oakland where 10th st. meets 9th ave.

I don't know whether this rare animal you describe actually exists, but this may be its lair if it does.