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BART - Ceremony to commemorate new West Dublin/Pleasanton Station planned for Feb. 18
BART - New West Dublin/Pleasanton Station, BART's 44th, to open Feb. 19
West Dublin / Pleasanton BART Station set to open February 19th - SFBART's blog

They'll be holding opening ceremonies on the 18th, but that station won't be having any BART service then. You'll have to get there by some other means, like a local bus from the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. But the station will open on the 19th.

It will be BART's 44th station. It is an infill station, one built on an existing active line. Its foundations were built when the line was built, though it was not completed back then to save money. Construction disruption was kept down by single-tracking BART through the station to let construction work proceed at the other track.

The station is in the median of I-580, between I-680 and Foothill Rd. / San Ramon Rd., with pedestrian overpasses to connect it to both the Dublin and the Pleasanton sides of the freeway. It has a parking garage on each side, with the Pleasanton side being close to Stoneridge Mall.
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The station is now open, and some bloggers have made some interesting comments on it:
West Dublin/Pleasanton BART: Tempering Great Expectations « Transbay Blog
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They seemed to like the idea of infill stations, but they did not like the freeway-median location or the parking garages very much. However, a developer wants to build some houses and commercial buildings there - hotel, office, retail - even if some of the land is taken up by the garages.