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  by BandA
I'm surprised that there has been no discussion here about the deaths or about the merits of the strike. http://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-bart ... full.story" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board will try to determine what went wrong on the BART line in Walnut Creek where the two workers were hit Saturday afternoon as they inspected the track for defects, officials said.

The deaths brought heartbreak to the labor dispute that had simmered for several months before triggering the strike Friday by a pair of unions.
  by Freddy
I was surprised to. We had a thing on CSX, probably still do, called Watchman Lookout in which small and light tasks could be performed as long as 1 person was designated as the Watchman Lookout. The trouble started when 2 people were sent out to perform a task where it actually took 2 persons to do it and the watchman was turned into a worker and this caused more than a few close calls. When that happened everything changed to where if a watchman got caught doing anything other than watching and looking everybody in that working party got 'called on the carpet' and rightly so. And on top of that it was an FRA violation. I'd bet money that's what happened in California, nobody was paying attention and they
got snuck up on and made even worse if no horn was sounded. Damn shame, simple to avoid and never should have happened.