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  by usa4624
I've heard a rumor that BART has a souvenir shop in or around the Lake Merrit Station. Does anyone know if it still exists, or where exactly it is located?

  by transitteen
The customer service center at Lake Merritt has BART souvenirs. It is located on the station level of the station. They have windows both inside and outside of the fare control area, however the display case is inside the fare control area. They are only open on weekdays, generally from around 8:30-4:30, however hours do vary. Prices are decent, however are higher for non-employees. Last time I was over there was a few months ago before we moved to LKS from MET. They have t-shirts, mousepads, plush trains, jackets, and other assorted items. It's worth checking out!

  by Palal12
The prices are pretty steep IMO. Plus, they don't have any t-shirts with a genuine bart logo.

  by transitteen
That is true although I know sometimes it's possible to get the discounted price. I know when my mother went to buy a present for me, they gave her the employee price for some reason. It really depends on who is helping you. I believe that one of my jackets that I got for $30 some dollars with my discount cost $60-70 dollars to the general public. I believe that the shirts they have have the system map on them. I need to get over there again and see what they have in stock. Palal12 is right though, don't head over there unless you are willing to spend quite a bit of money.

  by SDTI1001
Yeah I've gotten quite a few items from the BART Customer Service Center/Gift Shop and i fine their prices okay.I got a BART Coffee Mug, T-Shirt, clock, and a hat the last time i was up there. I always wear my BART hat when i travel up to San Francisco. I even get compliments from BART workers. I just tell them that i love the system and i support it.
Regards all,

  by pdxstreetcar
Is the merchandise just basic stuff with the BART logo, name or system map stamped on it or is there some really unique stuff?

I never got the chance to go to the store even though I knew about it when I lived in Oakland.