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  by tommyboy6181
Now that BART has their preliminary bids in, it looks like it will be either Bombardier or Alstom getting the project. Here is the link:
http://apps.mtc.ca.gov/meeting_packet_d ... Update.pdf

So if BART decides to only take the base order, Bombardier wins the project as it had the lowest bid. However, if BART decides to exercise all options, Alstom beats out Bombardier. In both scenarios, Hyundai-Rotem was the highest price bid. In either case, BART revised the design from the first one done at the project inception and it actually looks like a nice upgrade. It almost looks like a cross between the new Bombardier London Underground front noses used on the S-stock but keeps the familiar shape of the train itself. I think BMW came up with a nice look on that one.

As for traction motors, the new cars will most likely not use the same AdTranz motors. For one, those motors are no longer being produced. Second- if BART adopts AC permanent magnet motors as standard (similar to the new Bombardier S-Stock in London with MITRAC Permanent Magnet motors), the result will be a much quieter ride and less weight/maintenance.

Also, I am glad that it will be either Bombardier or Alstom as both companies have experience in the system.