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west point wrote: Sun Apr 03, 2022 2:12 am What is the clearance over the UP tracks? Possible electrification clearance?
lol no. if you look at the pictures i posted in the previous post, the bridge just barely clears a car carrier.
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Funding: NBCBayArea.com
BART extension into South Bay receives final $375M in regional funding

BART's extension into the South Bay received a significant funding boost this week.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to allocate $375 million to Valley Transportation Authority's Phase II of the project, which includes 5 miles of an underground tunnel and four additional stations, stretching the system into downtown San Jose and Santa Clara.

The allocation is regional funding provided by the state’s Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program, according to the VTA.

VTA General Manager and CEO Carolyn Gonot said in a statement the latest funding "provides great momentum as we pursue the final segment of federal funding needed to bring BART through Silicon Valley."
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I looked again at the transit villages on each side of the Warm Springs BART Station.

To the east is Metro Crossing. Its street names, from north to south, then west to east: Halogen Cmn., Velocity Cmn., Kinetic Cmn., Tom Blalock St., Navigation St., Ambient Cmn., Circuit Cmn., Volt Ter., Electric Ter., Network Cmn., Kilowatt Way, Silhouette Cmn., Reflection Cmn., Lumen Ter., Prism Ter., Radiance Cmn..

Cmn. = Common, Ter. = Terrace

It looks largely done and largely inhabited, with some buildings almost done, one half-done and one as a cleared lot.

The west side is also half-done. Its streets:
  • Broadcast Common: Dynamic Cmn., Router Cmn., Silicon Cmn., (unfinished streets), Broadcast Cmn., Wisdom Rd., Client Cmn., Inspiration Way, Flash Cmn.
  • Innovation Lawn: Explore Cmn., Invent Ter., Challenge Cmn., Success Cmn. Advancement Ter., Development Ter., Enrichment Ter., Improvement Ter., Impress Cmn., Engage Ter., Enlighten Cmn., Insight St.
  • (unfinished streets), Internet Cmn.
  • AYA Apartments: Accelerator Ave., Innovia Apartments: Synergy St.
  • Innovation Way, Breakthrough Cmn., Education Ter., Vanguard Cmn., Quantum Dr.
  • Ambition St., Intelligence Cmn., Academy Ter., Vision Cmn.
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