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  by kato
David Benton wrote:https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/plan ... index.html
Seems strange to me their is no vat or carbon pricing on air travel.
Carbon pricing on air travel is being introduced EU-wide starting in 2024. Or rather, airlines will no longer get the certificates for free that have been required for the last ten years.

Many EU countries - about half the Union's population - have socalled "Air Traffic Taxes" though, which are based on flight length and passenger numbers. In Germany for example airlines are paying 12.73€ per passenger for shorthaul flights (Europe, parts of North Africa and Asian parts of Russia), for domestic flights this is additionally taxed with standard VAT. In France a tax at similar figures was introduced a few years ago, with the revenue going towards rail infrastructure.

In most countries these "Air Traffic Taxes" are much lower than the German example though, partially because when they were introduced airlines relatively quickly moved flights to neighboring countries without them.
  by David Benton
Thanks Kato. It needs international agreements to force taxes on international flights. Irritates me that a 2 hour internal flight attracts vat, but a 2 hour international flights vat free. Don't get me started on duty free.
I know, I'm a party pooper on this issue