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  by MikeCDN
To this day, I do not understand why VIA does not have baggage service on the Kitchener line. I fully understand Metrolinx runs its own trains on it now that it owns the tracks and they now control the time slots. That said, this has now become a passenger-heavy line.

Furthermore, now that there's the link to Pearson International, the universities and colleges along the line and people using these trains as a medium for long distance trips: Why do they not have one train with a baggage car? Why not use the RDCs from Vancouver Island that have those huge baggage sections like they have on the Superior line?
  by electricron
I thought all VIA coaches have luggage racks?
How many bags does one need?
  by Rockingham Racer
There are a lot of 65 + people who do not want to [or can't] lug their baggage around. If there were a redcap at every station, the situation would be different.
  by dowlingm
Sarnia-London-Kitchener-Toronto is a branch line as far as VIA are concerned, IMHO. Maybe things will change when CTC goes on-line, but I doubt it.
  by marquisofmississauga
Other than the few Renaissance trains between Montreal and Quebec, the only train with a baggage car in the corridor is the Montreal-Toronto-Windsor train (63 & 75 or 81) and its return. There are no baggage cars on the Toronto-Ottawa route. When VIA's previous CEO restricted carry-on luggage, which included imposing a fee for over-sized bags, the number of corridor trains with a baggage car were reduced almost immediately. The Toronto-Ottawa train that had a baggage car was one. All the Renaissance Toronto-Montreal trains were replaced with LRCs which reduced checked baggage service to the aforementioned single train.