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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by tomjohn
I don't know if this has been posted yet . BACHMANN is planning to release a version of the GE 44 tonner in N-SCALE in their spectrum line. The loco is promised to have the following :

DCC Onboard avail NOV MSRP $100
Item No 81851 Painted, Unlettered (Yellow)
Item No 81852 Painted, Unlettered (Red and Yellow)
Item No 81853 PRR
Item No 81854 B&O
Item No 81855 NH

What a shame no ARCADE AND ATTICA RR !

  by Benjamin Maggi
Wow! I am really surprised. I saw one once at the Springfield meet on an N-Trak module, and it was a carved wood dummy. I don't know how you would fit all of that into an engine that will be smaller than a 40' boxcar. Maybe they will only use one motor? I don't know, but it really seems surprising.

I have been reading the Bachmann website for a bit recently due to an unrelated G-scale release, but saw no mention of this.
  by tomjohn

Did you login /check Bachmann's N-SCALE forum? that's where I saw it..

  by Benjamin Maggi
No, I don't post in the forums. I am surprised it isn't on their website mainpage though. Were there any pictures posted?