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  by Alcophile
I've noticed none of the A&A's locomotives came from the BA&A. So what happened to the BA&A's locomotives. If I was the A&A, I would have guessed that the BA&A's roster would have been the first place to go buy locomotives.
  by BSOR Patarak
The BA&A had been long in neglect by the time they closed up. Every locomotive that they owned was old and tired when they acquired it. The roster consisted of power built from the 1870's to the 1890's. If they ran short on power, they borrowed or rented a B&S engine. After the B&S closed down the New York portion of the line, the BA&A was leased to a Pittsburgh Lawyer who tried to operate it. After a couple of years even they gave up.

The A&A battled with that previous lessor over 3 locomotives that were left on the property at the time of the foreclosure sale. The issue was over the value of the "scrap" locomotives. It must have been felt that they were in bad enough shape that it was better to seek newer power.

Even some of the A&A's early engines were tired when they were purchased. #2, 3, 4, 5 didn't last on the roster too long and there aren't many pictures of any of those particular locomotives.
  by Alcophile
BTW, does anybody have a roster of the BA&A, as you can figure out by this thread, I don't much about the BA&A's locomotives, other than most were 4-4-0s. Thanks in advance.
  by BSOR Patarak
Here is the best I've got. It is incomplete with many holes. Early data is sketchy at best.... This is compiled from many sources and photographic evidence and is believed to be true.

No., Arrangement,Builder, C/N,Build Date, Cyl Dim,Wheel Diam,Acquired
7, 4-4-0, National, , , , ,1894
36” Gauge, Ex Olean, Bradford & Warren #7 (There was discussion of this loco elsewhere and may fit better with the TV&C)

1, 4-4-0, , , , ,1894

1st 2, 4-4-0, Rebuilt Grant, , 2/1881, , , 1894
Ex NYLE&W #220

2nd 2, 4-6-0, Baldwin, 2263, 10/1870, , , 7/1900
Ex. Pittsburgh, Chicago & St. Louis #83;
to Chicago, St. Louis & Pittsburgh #418;
to Jeffersonville, Madison & Indiana #680;
to BA&A through Hicks (Dealer)

3, 4-4-0, Baldwin, 2939, 9/1872 , , , 5/24/01
Ex Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia #9 “Liberty”; Renum’d WNY&P #40 in 1891;
Leased to Jamestown & Chautauqua in 1900; to BA&A

1st 4, 4-6-0, Baldwin, 1998, 10/1869, , , 1902
Ex Lehigh Valley #132, “Mehoopany”, Rebuilt at Wilkes-Barre 1895; to BA&A in 1902;

2nd 4, 4-4-0, P.W. & B., , 1873, , , 1904
Ex P.W. & B. 2nd #58; to Philadelphia and Baltimore Central #212 in 10/82; ren #145;
to Wellsville, Coudersport & Pine Creek #1;
to Buffalo & Susquehanna #131 renumbered in 1902 to #161

5, 4-4-0, N.Y. Loco Wrks, , 1890, 16x24, , 5/28/1914
Acquired from the Southern Iron & Equipment Company #987

6, 2-6-0, Cooke, 1249, 1882, 18x24, 57, 11/21/1907
Originally Delaware, Lackawanna & Western #103; Renumbered #405;
Acquired through Fitzhugh Luther Company (Dealer)

7, 0-4-4T, Baldwin, 13026, 1892 , , , 1907
Originally Chicago Elevated Railway #36;?
to Midlothian Country Club, to Emporium Forestry Company;
to Tupper Lake Chemical Company;
to BA&A #7, Named the “Earl Dean” by BA&A

8, 2-8-0, Baldwin, 10751, 3/1890, , , 10/14/1913
Ex PRR #1384, 6299 H3A;
This was no doubt a WNY&P RR loco; Also shown as leased by BA&A, perhaps lease to own?
acquired from the General Equipment Co.
  by Alcophile
Wow! Thanks for the reply, I would have never guessed that the BA&A would have had so many locomotives. I figured there would be 4 or 5, mainly 4-4-0s and perhaps a 2-6-0, I can't imagine what the BA&A would have needed a 2-8-0 since #18 is the A&A's first 2-8-0 since 1917.