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  by MetraBNSF
Since the first automated announcements thread was deleted, I'll start Automated Announcements II...

I've heard two new automated announcements in the past week. They are both in female voices. One announcement mentions how railroad tracks are private property and trespassing on railroad right-of-way is illegal. Another announcement mentions that crossing tracks when signals are activated is dangerous and against the law. Has anybody heard these new on-board announcements and if so, are there any other ones out there beside the two I've heard?

  by F40CFan
I haven't heard those yet. Every once and a while I hear one about not puting your feet on the seats. I think that should be a regular.

I wasn't aware that the conductor could cause a specific message to come out. One day, we were leaving Franklin Park after waiting for a number of people to "illegally" run around the front of the train. As we left, he sent a message; "This train is running 8 minutes late due to marathon".

Everyone cracked up.

  by AmtrakFan
No I haven't but I've heard a couple due to Amtrak Interferance.

  by MetraRy
i have heard "this train is operating on center track all commuters must exit from car #8... only." The female voice that announces all the stops at the downtown terminals did this one