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  by AmtrakPhill629
Are there any Tri-Rail models in HO scale?

  by FL9
Walthers made the F40 in the early scheme (811) a couple of years ago but it has been discontinued, I saw one pop up on ebay though about a month ago so I guess there are still some out there. Also, Microscale has decals to make a F40 in the new scheme if you want to buy an undec. version and paint it. As for the bilevels athearn makes them in the new clouds and palm tree scheme, although I dont know whether the whole athearn, horizon, walthers thing is affecting whether they are still being sold or not and IHP makes the F40PHL-2 shell. Thats pretty much it, hope it helps. What roadnames/year do you model, by your username I'll guess Amtrak? No picture for the coach available, sorry.

http://www.discounttrainsonline.com/Wal ... 1-315.html

http://www.athearn.com/Product/Default. ... ID=ATH2545


  by [email protected]
Hi all,

Please contact me at IHP if you are interested in the F40PHL-2 shells. I'm planning to reorder a small quantity of them this month due to some recent inquiries for them.


Mike Bartel

  by dmk092
A few years ago I was lucky enough to see one at a train show. The seller-an ex Tri Rail engineer by the name Top Gun, cause he never missed. Cars that is. The poor guy had gotten into more then his fare share of grade crossing accidents. Bought his jacket too. My most valuable posessions.

The red caboose in Miam comissioned some engines in HO and n scale in the new scheme. They might still have a few, so you might want to check it out.

  by chrsjrcj
Hmmm.... Since when did Tri-Rail have a GP50?

  by 262
They do not have GP50s.I believe what the model is ment to represent is one of several ex=Norfolk Southern high nosed GP49s that Tri-rail purchased and had rebuilt with low short hoods and HEP generators.I began seeing them in service earlier this year sometimes pulling or pushing the new DMU cars.

  by darkcurves
chrsjrcj wrote:Hmmm.... Since when did Tri-Rail have a GP50?
Yeah, i was also confused in the beginning. They do this to cut cost.

Btw, does anyone know if there are any buildings that resemble Tri-rail stations?

  by Otto Vondrak
If you want stations, you're probably going to have to scratchbuild them yourself. Have you searched for kits that might look identical?



  by ApproachMedium
Good thing I found this. I just bought a set of the tri rail bilevel coaches and they are so nice! My dilema is no time to custom paint a tri rail engine. Already backed up with 3 NJT engines and a cab car that need to be painted... Now I just gotta wait till next year for this to come out! Yay! I wonder if they will have the HEP details on them....

  by Kurt-Trirail
AntNJTrainSet wrote:I wonder if they will have the HEP details on them....
Don't bet on it. The differences between the GP49H-3's and a stock GP50 are enough that there would be no reason for Athearn to make any special tooling for the existing GP50.

I do not want to sound pessimistic, but I'd count my lucky stars if they just get the paint job correct. Look at Walthers' release of 811 a few years ago - they were stupid enough to make the mistake of painting the chassis silver, which was something done ONLY on the F40PHL-2 series in the very early 1990's (and '89, of course). You'd think with the relative rarity of locating photos from the silver-chassis era, they would have got it right.

Take care,

  by darkcurves
Finally got my coaches yesterday. I bought three in one set for both N and HO scale. They look so sweet.


  by darkcurves
Interesting, i never knew Walthers released F40PH in Tri-Rail colours. Oddly, i have never seen it on any layouts, videos and photos before. Kurt, do you still remember the exact year it was released?


  by ApproachMedium
I need to post photos of my GP49. I just got it a month ago and had a friend install ditch lights and working markers in it. It looks AWESOME pushing or pulling my trio of Trirail bilevel cars. I just need to add the 5 chime, mufflers, and the dual camper air conditioners and im SET!

  by darkcurves
Whoa, that is so cool. I was thinking of doing the same to the cab car but my knowledge in electronics is weak. If possible, please do post videos of it too.