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  by transit man
Can someone provide a routing description for the former AT&SF alignment through Pasadena which Amtrak used until the mid-90's. I'm assuming today's Gold Line follows the former railroad alignment except for the elevated structure adjacent to Los Angeles Chinatown and in the median of the Foothill Freeway (I-210). Where did the railroad right-of-way diverge from the existing Gold Line right-of-way to enable Amtrak trains to continue eastward toward San Bernardino? Any information is appreciated. :wink:
  by timz
SFe was in the I-210 median -- probably ever since I-210 was built? For the alignment before that, maybe we can find those 1920s topo maps online. (I've never seen the 1950s maps online, for the LA area anyway. If you want paper copies of them drop me a line.)
  by transit man
OK, I stand corrected on the I-210 alignment, however how far east did the tracks continue in the median?
  by timz
These are hard to read, but try them until something better comes along

The I-210 alignment you can follow on the newer topo maps at


I assume they're not new enough to show the Gold Line, so I trust that's the SFe. The east end of median running is at about 34.15 N 118.04 W, so put that into the search box; once it gives you the road map, zoom all the way in and switch to "Mytopo" to get a better look at the railroad on the 1:24000 map. (It takes a few seconds to load the topo map.)

(Just tried it-- looks like you need to put 34.148 into the latitude box, not 34.15 N, and minus-118.04 into the longitude, not 118.04 W.)

Or-- might as well link it directly

http://www.mytopo.com/maps.cfm?mtlat=34 ... on=-118.04

and zoom in from there to get the 1:24000 map.