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  • This forum is for discussion of "Fallen Flag" roads not otherwise provided with a specific forum. Fallen Flags are roads that no longer operate, went bankrupt, or were acquired or merged out of existence.
This forum is for discussion of "Fallen Flag" roads not otherwise provided with a specific forum. Fallen Flags are roads that no longer operate, went bankrupt, or were acquired or merged out of existence.

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  by SPUI
Where was Amboy St?
Other than that, an old birds-eye view map shows this routing, mostly the same:
George St south to Throop Ave south to Sanford St east to Commercial Ave south to just before the town line east on a private ROW south on Georges Rd.
How did it get from Georges Rd to the private ROW where the power lines now run?

  by AndyB
Sorry about that! :(
Seems like there is an Amboy St in every town in that area
Small type in the map.
That should be Albany St.

  by SPUI
Looking at aerials, the grading for the line south from Bayway seems to be there, at least to the county line. Where did this line go once it entered Middlesex County?

  by Tri-State Tom
Well, we recently lost the one-time large car barn on Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair to the wrecking ball in favor of new condo units.

Prior to this the building had housed a large bowling alley ( Bellclair Lanes ? ) with a satellite restaurant dating back to around 1960-61 or so. Bowled many a game in there as a kid. Can't recall when the bowling alley went OOB or if perhaps another business succeeded it in the 80's-90's.

I have memories from the late 1950's of the barn being vacant but wide open for exploring for us kids off the Bloomfield Ave. entrance. There were tracks embedded in the concrete sidewalk as well as within the barn itself and to this day pot holes up and down Bloomfield Ave. still occasionally reveal trolley rail beneath the layers of mecadem.

  by chuchubob
EugeneV.Debs wrote:Camden, NJ still has a few places where you can see exposed track, but mainly Camden still has the office building of Public Service. The Public Service building is now the Free Library of Camden and the building still says "Gas", "Electric" and "Railway".
http://community.webshots.com/photo/111 ... 0897nicaPR

  by Ken W2KB
When was that building built? The former PSCNJ General Office and Terminal Building in Newark dated from the 19teens had "Railway Gas Electric" on it -- that was the order of importance of the businesses when it was constructed.

  by EugeneV.Debs
Chu Chu Bob, as usual, thanks for the pictures.

  by chuchubob
Ken W2KB wrote:When was that building built?
A plaque on the building gives that info, but I didn't write it down.

  by EugeneV.Debs
As far as I remember, it was built in 1912. I'll check on that tommorrow just to make sure.

  by chuchubob
The plaque on the building states when the original building on that site was built: 1829. Next time I'm there I'll look for a cornerstone.

  by Ken W2KB
"1829" -- Do you mean 1929? That sounds about right. I don't think there was much in the way of electric traction, or electricity (other than thunderstorms) in 1829, and even city gas didn't start being made until around the Civil War. <g>

  by chuchubob

Not the present building; the original building on that site.

I looked for a cornerstone on Sunday but didn't find one.

  by Ken W2KB
Ok, thanks.

  by SemperFiSep11
These are kind of weak, but they're there...

Firstly is a building with the Public Service emblem on it on Valley Road in Montclair. Not sure what the building was used for but the emblem is clearly placed into the concrete. BTW if anyone wants to lend me a hand with a jackhammer maybe we could cut it down...

Secondly is the location of the old loop in Caldwell, now a very odd First Union bank. Not really much to see there, but a pretty good historical reference point.

Thirdly is the ROW of the Morris County traction, most notably (and walkably) along the Boulevard in Mountain Lakes. MCT was purchased by PS in its' last days as a trolley company.

I probably mentioned this one in a past post but the Lakeland Bus Lines garage is the former MCT trolley barn. I've heard rumors from people that there are still rails visible in the concrete but have no proof of that.

Running through my aunt's back yard (somewhere in Bergen County) is the old ROW of a trolley line (not sure which one, need to ask the old pop about that one). There are several line poles with a bunch of imsulators on them. Let me get a few more details about this one.

That's all I can think of right now.

  by CarterB
Where in Bergen County are the poles with insulators? Perhaps something left over from the North Jersey Rapid Transit?