• Article: How to Travel with Eurostar, the Most Convenient Train in Europe

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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by Jeff Smith
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We get it: Planning a multi-city trip anywhere outside of America can be a little bit daunting. Many of us are used to jumping in a car and hitting the wide-open road when it comes to towns within a one-state radius. It’s a fabulous excuse to load up on road trip snacks. But when it comes to overseas travel there are a bunch of add-ons to consider, even for an area of land smaller than Texas: passports, languages, and gulp, public transit. In Europe, public transit is totally the norm, and many go without cars in their daily lives. So how do the masses travel short distances, between Paris and London, or Brussels and Amsterdam, without flying or taking a ferry? They take the train—Eurostar, to be specific.

Eurostar is the most frequented high-speed train service in the region and the only one that directly links the UK to France, Belgium, and the Netherlands via the Channel Tunnel. It’s wildly popular, but if you haven’t heard of it before, fear not. Here, we present everything you need to know about the Eurostar, so that you can hop countries like a pro.
The most popular route is London to Paris, traveling between St Pancras International and Gare du Nord in just over two hours. The service also operates direct routes to Brussels (less than two hours from London), Lille in France (around an hour and a half), and both Rotterdam and Amsterdam in the Netherlands (less than four hours). Disneyland Paris visitors will need to take a connecting train from Lille or Paris to the House of Mouse.

If you wish to take the Eurostar to other areas of Europe, you can make connections to go further afield. For example, those heading from London to Geneva will need to change in Paris and purchase a new ticket from another provider. Those traveling to Cologne, Germany can connect to a Thalys train in Brussels to complete their journey. You’re spoiled for choice!