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  by AmtrakTimeTables
Heads Up:

I got a email reply from NJ Transit few days ago in regarding the Arrows III full retirement. They said in late 2024 (Things can change), they will retire all Arrows III entirely. I put in request to do a special run and they said we can arrange one but we need to have meeting and it'll be arranged. Once I get it setup, I will share with you all including railfans so everyone will have a last ride on Arrow III before it's fully retired.

I was told we cannot touch the NEC, ever which by means Amtrak says so.

My proposal:

The train will start at Hoboken then go all way to Summit for a photo stop then go to Gladstone and have a break then go back to Summit with select stations stops on Gladstone route for photo opportunities then go to Dover then stop at Morristown and have a tour at the M&E Railways facility and have lunch there. Afterwards, get back on train and go back to Summit then go to MSU for a half hour break and photo stop, afterwards, a final express back to Hoboken before the closing.

Make sense? I'm open to suggestions/ideas. I want to make it more fun and enjoyable.

Stay tuned.

Note: The retirement date they claimed is their proposal but I have feeling the date timeframe will change so nothing official at this time and also, this event is still pending waiting for approval which will take approx. 6-9 months of planning which I was informed by NJ Transit.
  by CNJGeep
I'll believe it when I see it being advertised.
  by Ken W2KB
NJ Transit requires full payment in advance for such excursions. Who will front the money?

"Book your own Excursion Train
Have a great time as a large group, or help your organization reach its fundraising potential by booking a special train with groups of from 440 to 900 people. You can host a number of themed events. By selling tickets for a Santa Train, Halloween Train, Fall Foliage Train, Mystery Train, or Bunny Train, your organization can have a great time, and make a large profit! You're only limited by your imagination. Have a particular schedule in mind? We make every effort to meet the departure time and the length of the trip you request. Reservations are required 8-10 weeks before your trip (10-16 weeks for winter holiday rentals.) For additional information and reservations, contact Customer Service Group Sales.

Cancellations and Refunds:
For rail car rentals and excursion trains, cancellations must be made prior to the final payment due date." https://www.njtransit.com/groupsales
  by lensovet
Setting aside the cost, I do think the proposed itinerary is pretty wild. I could imagine a single run would be much more manageable.

Alternatively pick a normal revenue run and just work with them on having it include some kind of "retirement" related events on it.
  by Jeff Smith
It could be done; other "Farewell Excursions" have been done by area railroads.
  by Kaback9
Locking this one up if anything new comes out we can revisit...