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  by gaspeamtrak
I know it was running 15 + hours late.
Can anybody tell me when it finally arrived?
Just wondering when # 1 which was supposed to leave August 1 will finally get out of Toronto on August 2.
Can anybody let us know when she finally gets away tomorrow morning???
My brother just finished his Amtrak trip on # 49 (Lakeshore LTD) , 3 hours late into Chicago, #5 (California Zephyr) on time into Sacramento. # 11 (Coast Starlight ) 2 hours late into LA.
Which wasn't to bad for Good o'l Amtrak !!! :-D :-D :-D
  by Backshophoss
http://asm.transitdocs.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; shows VIA #1 running about 3 hours 15 minutes late. VIA # 2 is not on the map,should be in Toronto
Union Station/Toronto Maintenance Center by now

VIA needs to put some form of GPS tracking on # 1 and # 2,using station reports is not good.
The Toronto- Montreal- Ottawa Corridor is GPS tracked.
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  by marquisofmississauga
Due to the limitations of VIA's on-line information system pertaining to the Canadian, it will be necessary to phone VIA and speak with a human - if you can get through. The last posted ETA for #2 was about 01:00. That train usually makes up 45 minutes between Washago and Toronto Union.

The information on the "tsimobile" tracking site - and the one referred to in the previous posting - is unlikely to be correct. On VIA's Facebook page an angry passenger has reproduced an e-mail sent to those intending on taking #1 from Toronto last night. It said the departure time is 09:30 today; passengers were asked to show up at 07:30. That is the usual amount of delay for departure when #2 arrives so late.
  by Gilbert B Norman
TRAINS Newswire has a report by Bob Johnston regarding "Canadian's" less than stellar timekeeping of late. The instance Mr. Gaspe' notes appears to be one of many.

Fair Use:
VANCOUVER, B.C. — If you had any doubt that VIA Rail Canada trains are suffering schedule setbacks, look no further than the Aug. 6 Canadian that arrived in Vancouver nearly 24 hours late.

The VIA Rail transcontinental flagship was scheduled to arrive Saturday morning at 9:42 a.m., instead showed up at 8:15 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 7.

Although this is the most extreme instance of running “off the advertised” since Trains News Wire began logging every Vancouver and Toronto tri-weekly arrival on May 23, it illustrates a worst-case scenario of what can happen when neither government statute nor financial incentives and penalties compel a host railroad to prioritize passenger trains and run them on-time.

In Canada, contractual agreements between VIA and its principle host railroad, Canadian National, are proprietary (as are Amtrak’s pacts with U.S. lines) and aren’t available for public scrutiny. But Toronto transportation consultant Greg Gormick says that former CN president and CEO Claude Mongeau told readers of the London, Ont., Free Press in May, 2016, that VIA pays CN “less than $25,000” for each Canadian.

Attaining a goal of 80 percent on-time performance, Mongeau argues, “would require public investments of a few billion dollars to add many more sidings and some large sections of double-track. Or it would require CN to impede Canada’s trading economy to give way to VIA’s transcontinental passenger trains.”

So if it can’t be 80 percent, what kind of on-time percentage does CN handling of the Canadian deliver for the $5.1 million (in U.S. dollars at current exchange rates) that Mongeau says the railroad gets from VIA annually?

Try 7.7 percent. The number represents the five of 65 trains that were early or on-time between May 23 and Aug. 6 arriving into Toronto or Vancouver. Schedules were lengthened by 12 hours several years ago — padded to better mesh with slower freight train speeds and add recovery time at major intermediate stations in a valiant attempt by VIA to improve reliability.
Mr. Johnston suggests it is time to consider a reroute over the CP - more population, more scenery, and, if CP's handling of the Amtrak Builder is a guide, better timekeeping.

Wonder what the "poohbahs" in Calgary reaction was to that?
  by Tadman
I'm curious how Via's trackage rates compare to Amtrak, as well as on-time incentive payments.