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  by CHTT1
Metra Electric, and the IC in the past, ran special "game day" trains to 12th and 18th streets. Very handy for us south suburbanites. I guess Mr. Olson doesn't consider us worthy of such service, interested in only the ease of commute for northwest siders.
  by eolesen
Not sure why you'd think that I don't find anyone less worthy than others, but if you're going to try to put words in my mouth, at least spell my name right. And for the record, I'm a lifelong Packer fan, so where the stadium is in Chicago really has no interest to me other than having lived near Arlington Park for a good chunk of my life.

Let's go down your rabbit hole about how disenfranchised the MED riding public will be with a move....

When's the last time a game day special ran on the MED? What percent of the seasons ticket or even single ticket purchaser fan base does it serve? Maybe 10% if we're generous?...

Do you honestly care about how hard it is for the 90% of the Chicago metro area that doesn't live along the MED to get to Soldiers Field? Anyone in that 90% who doesn't want to drive and sit in GameDay traffic has a minimum two seat ride to the game, the last mile being a bus.

Maybe, just maybe, a similar 10% live along the UP Northwest. At worst, it's a wash for one-seat riders to Arlington Park.

Anyone who lives along one of the major CTA or Metra routes other than the MED has a a two or three seat ride, and there's no bus involved for the last mile. And the MED riders will get a three seat ride with a bus connecting downtown. Not great, yet not impossible.

With how few greenfield or brownfield sites this size and this well positioned to two modes of transit there are in the Chicago area, I'd say the McCaskey Bears chose wisely. I don't see either of the two MLB teams changing venues, but it wouldn't surprise me to see the "new arena" carrot dangled in front of the Blackhawks or Bulls given how much room there will be at AP.

Maybe Metra will seize opportunity here, and start thinking about a connector at either Deval or Mayfair between the WC/CP/NCS or MILW/CP/MD-North so that thru trains from Union Station could also Bear Down on Arlington Park... It's unlikely, but there's no shortage of route construction pipe dreams on Railroad.net....
  by R36 Combine Coach
eolesen wrote: Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:50 pm Maybe Metra will seize opportunity here, and start thinking about a connector.
NJT did it for Meadowlands.