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  by cannat
Hi, i may be travelling on the Canadian soon from Vancouver to Toronto and i would like to know if there are many tunnels that the train goes through?
I will be travelling with someone who is claustrophobic and very anxious and i'd just like to know if there are any long dark tunnels and if there are lots or just a couple and any more information that may help me decide if it's something we can deal with or if i need to look at other options.

Thank you so much for your help, i greatly appreciate it! :)
  by Ken V
There are a few short tunnels on the present day route of the Canadian between Jasper and Kamloops. None of these are what I would call all that long with the longest one being less than ½ mile. This is quite a contrast from the traditional route through the Rockies over Canadian Pacific where there were several much longer tunnels.