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  by metraupwest
Just curious...do the engineers have a bathroom on board locomotives when needed or do they have to go back and share with passengers?
  by qboy
No toilets on the engines you have to walk back to the passengers or get creative in certain situations!
  by Engineer Spike
I remember something about the car on the head pin needing to have a toilet for the engineer. Most runs are short, but this might fulfill the FRA toilet rules.

The noses of the F40s had the cab signal equipment.

note: My post is what I remember 15 years ago. It is also what was done on BNSF. Burlington trains are operated and maintained by BNSF. Their policies may vary from that of Metra operated routes.
  by Tadman
Shoot you've got entire Metra trains with no toilets - the old 1500-series EMU's inherited from ICG have no toilets. The new 1200 cars do.
  by Pacific 2-3-1
Los Angeles' Metrolink bought the two EMD F59PHI's that were ordered for the Marlboro train that never ran, and had the toilets removed.