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  by awwos
After a long search for just the right engines and a lot of time spent by some very talented people, I finally have my O/27 gauge models of both #18 and #112! #18 started out as a MTH Railking 'Miami Dolphins' 2-8-0 engine. #112 started out as a Williams Lehigh Valley 44 tonner. Both models were completely stripped of original paint and repainted by Mr Jack Verner of Depew, NY. The diesel was particularly difficult to complete since the model is not to scale proportionally so some modifications to the paint scheme were made. It is a fantastic representation of the original. The diesel was also upgraded to MTH Protosound 2 with remote control couplers by Railtronix of Lancaster, NY. Custom sound sets were also programmed into both engines. Now I just need to paint some coaches and I'll be ready to start my own minature excursion business!
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  by joesbag
Great work by all involved! Oh for the days when boxcars loaded with Borden's Cremora were dispatched across the US in A&A boxcars from Arcade. Nice Genesee Brewing Company boxcar following as well.
  by Benjamin Maggi
Keep up the good work!
  by Mountcastle
Beautiful. I love seeing other people's models of the Arcade & Attica's equipment. I'll say it again, I think those of us (in the area) with A&A models should arrange for a 'show and tell' day, so to speak, at the depot. It would make for a really interesting display for the riders. I'd even be willing to leave mine there all season.

Another idea...the promoter in me coming out again...I wonder if any local hobby shops would be willing to put our models on their layouts around Memorial Day weekend as a means of promoting the railroad to customers.

Just a thought.