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  by march hare
A buddy and I are discussing a possible railfan trip "out west" to shoot the A&A some time next month. Two questions come up immediately:

1) I assume that Monday AM would be our best shot at getting a train running. Correct?

2) I'm also assuming that Monday AM would be our best bet for getting some snow plowing activity. When it does snow (not this week, obviously) what does the A&A use for snow removal?? I've been out there for brief visits a few times (never managed to catch them when they're running) and I don't remember seeing a plow.

Any info appreciated, including any updates on when we're most likely to find them running.

  by erievalley
A&A freight is generally run on an as needed basis, especially during the winter months. Best chance of catching them running is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Snow plow runs are, understandably, as needed.
The plow they use was built by Russel for the Buffalo, Attica and Arcade, as a wooden plow and purchased by the A&A in 1917. In 1934 the A&A's shop crew built a steel plow over the older plows frame and a few years later installed the side wings. (Plow info from the A&A book by Edward Lewis).
Disclaimer: All statenents verified by the firm of Rumor Hearsay...Jerry

  by BSOR Patarak
It is also interesting to note that the current wings on the side of the plow were fabricated from steel out of one of the blue A&A boxcars. I'm thinking it might have been the side sheets from the car that was cut up to make the shed still at Arcade. (#522)

  by Benjamin Maggi
About that cut up boxcar... is the maintenance car that features a cut down boxcar with the shed on the end still in existance? The one they used for ballast? I wanted to build a model of it from the plans published in Model Railroader and wondered if the prototype still exists.

As for the original snowplow question.. hard to tell when we will be getting enough snow to require a plow. Of course, come december and January, your odds of needing a plow improve!


  by thebigham
The boxcar that was featured in the A&A Model Railroader article has had its one end removed.

It was on the Arcade wye (what is left of the wye) the last time I saw it. A bunch of rail was on it.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks for the info. If it is still there this december, I will get some shots of it.