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  by Mattliverpool
What were the color schemes of rolling stock the Arcade and Attica employed?

The washout in 1957 abbandon the line between Arcade and North Java. Wasn't this line of any importance?

Thanks for the help.
Matt :-)
  by clearblock
Mattliverpool wrote:The washout in 1957 abbandon the line between Arcade and North Java. Wasn't this line of any importance?
Matt :-)
The line was abandoned between Attica and N Java due to the washout near Attica. Service was and is still maintained from Arcade to N Java.

I don't believe there were any customers between Reisdorf's at N Java and the washout south of Attica. I don't know of any potential customers in that area now.

With other other RR service available to serve Attica and the A&A able to still run from N. Java to their interchange at Arcade, there was probably no reason to repair the washout so they abandoned that part of the line.

  by Benjamin Maggi
As for your other questions regarding color schemes, I would refer you to other past posts in this forum.

Boxcar color schemes:

As for engine schemes, I have only seen from pictures (many black and white) that their steam engines were painted black. Sometimes, #14 and #18 (their two current ones) had orange handrails and trim. If you look at postcards from the railroad (always some on ebay, and now I realise that there are TONS of them!) you can see that in the seventies they were not painted orange.

In the early seventies-late sixties, the coaches were not orange but were in fact a yellow color.

If you are really interetsed in the railroad, I would suggest you locate a copy of Edward Lewis' book "Arcade and Attica Railroad." It was last published as a second edition in 1973, but copies can still be found on ebay and at train shows. I purchased one on ebay for $45, and then that next weekend went to my local train show where a dealer was selling it as part of a package for $20 total. Thus, I now have two copies. One is my backup. The point is in NY, you can find them if you try hard enough. The book is excellent, and as far as I know, the only book on the railroad.
  by TB Diamond
Went through some slide files and found one taken of A&A GE 44t #110 and some rolling stock at Arcade on 02 July 1973:
1.) No. 110 had black upper hoods, cab, frame, running gear, pilot, walkway hand rails and stanchions. The lower portion of the hoods were orange. The footboard, front hood and step grab irons were yellow. The horns appear to be grey.
2.) A excursion gondola had black ends, frame and running gear with outer orange trim and orange sides.
3.) A coach had orange sides and end and black roof.
A slide of steam locomotive #14 taken at Arcade on 11 August 1973 shows the entire locomotive and tender to be black with orange lettering, numbers, grab irons, hand rails and cab window frame. The number on the headlight is white.