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  by jgallaway81
Lately, with all the talk about 14, I decided to do some research regarding 18's construction history.

This has led to a few details being discovered, as well as a couple of foreign connections being made that can get my research around the Cuban Blockade.

One connection has indicated additional units which, while not part of 18's construction order, might still be of interest due to similar construction design.

A homegrown connection has found that 18's construction order was just builder numbers 62620-62624, making 18 the little sister to the group. 18's construction group was order C-655. The information also confirms the build weight of 18 to 61.25 tons. (122,500#).

As any further info is uncovered, I'll add it here.
  by jgallaway81
  by Alan Maples
I recommend hunting down a copy of "Steam Locomotive & Railroad Tradition", combined issue number 13-14, May, 1963. This was an excellent little magazine published by William S. Young, and issue 13-14 has the complete story of the Cooke "Cuban" engines along with full roster. A&A #18 is on the cover.

Lowville & Beaver River #1923 at Steamtown is a twin. Valley Railroad #97 is also a "Cuban" although built three years later and slightly heavier than the 18.

Alan Maples
  by Benjamin Maggi
This is a very interesting thread! Thanks for posting the information.
  by jgallaway81
Well, a bit of research manged to locate a copy of the aforementioned issue. It is being shipped to me on monday.
  by jgallaway81
And more info pours in.

In today's mail, I received an envelope from the ALCO Historic Photos Committee of the NRHS. They have located in their material info on the units.

After I confirm permissions to post, I'll add what info I can, but for the moment, a new fact arises: In addition to order C-656, which was for the five units that ALCO built that we know of, another order (S-1345 BN's: 62653-62662) were built for the Havana Central. These appear to be identical engines except they were oil burners, were superheated, and weighed 4,000 pounds heavier. The interesting thing is that the two units produced the same amount of tractive effort at 23,800#.

The cards I receieved already also include the factor of adhesion for the units, of which 18's model is shown as FA 4.51, which makes her an extremely sure footed unit.

More info coming later.