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  by lensovet
hi all,
i'm contemplating heading over to the beaches showing on this map, and i see that there are 3 different railroad tracks in this area.

does anyone know if any sort of activity goes on on those tracks? if so, when does it occur and what is it exactly?

thanks for the info!

  by Alloy
All I'm seeing when I click is the Google maps homepage. Is there a problem with the link?

  by lensovet
dunno, should work fine, try another browser? the place in question is the chevron refinery in richmond by the 580, btw.

  by transitteen
Activity around occurs here and there... the area is alright... not as bad as other parts of Richmond... the area is mostly called Point Richmond. I believe they still have a wig-wag where W. Cutting and Railroad intersect (or near there)... worth checking out.

  by lensovet
man, some parts of that area (richmond/san pablo) are really shady, but i had a great trip. i snagged 2 capitol corridor trains, a union pacific set, and 3 BNSF locos heading back to the yard. i also took a bunch of pics of the yard itself.
to top it off, i headed to miller/knox shoreline for a nice swim and stroll. a great trip overall.
will have pics up soon.

  by Alloy
You were right about the request for a different browser. Not sure why that's happening, since I've been to Google maps before with this computer set-up.

Glad you had a good time out there. I've seen auto trains on the track that bisects Cutting Blvd. at Canal Blvd, but it's mainly containers and more containers around Point Richmond; those are BNSF tracks. BNSF does have trackage rights on the Union Pacific main that's beside I-580.

The Santa Fe had a line that ran through Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Richmond, but that became a rail trail many years ago.
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  by lensovet
i forgot to mention that i got to play around with some switches on the the abandoned track at the knox shoreline. it's amazing to see that some of the pier is still surviving – that must have have been quite a sight back in the day when it was actually functional...quite a shame.

  by lensovet
the pictures are now up, see the link in my signature to look at them. comments always welcome!