• Anyone else noticed those animated ads on the Red Line?

  • Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.
Discussion related to DC area passenger rail services from Northern Virginia to Baltimore, MD. Includes Light Rail and Baltimore Subway.

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  by SchuminWeb
It seems that they are periodically dark, presumably when there's no ad to display. Currently, they're both on, and the one after Metro Center is displaying something for a movie (I believe), and the Gallery Place one is advertising Nesquik.
  by Robert Paniagua
Our Red Line Ad in Boston's are Turned on, except for the South Station Northboud one, the South Station South and Harvard ads are on and running, so not everything is on here as well as far as the animated ads are
jerryinva wrote:The much hyped tunnel advertising displays on the Red Line are dark....turned off?

Another successful idea from Metro management....
It just means no one is paying to advertise there. In this economy, I'm sure there are fewer takers for that spot. I don't think the installation is a bad idea though.
  by HokieNav
SchuminWeb wrote:and the Gallery Place one is advertising Nesquik.
Yep - still lit as of this afternoon!
  by realtype
I noticed from the start that they only placed them on the Eastbound side of the tunnel, even though the westbound side has backlights to place the ads on. I wonder why they didn't do both sides.
  by SchuminWeb
Yeah, I'm surprised as well that they put both ads on the Glenmont direction. One would have thought that they would put one of those two ad boxes in the Shady Grove direction. Wonder what the thought process was in deciding that both would go on Track 1...
  by umtrr-author
We were in DC over our kids Spring Break (April 20-24 2009) and noticed two of these ads. I'll see if I can get this right since I'm hardly an expert on Metro...

The movie "Coraline" (opening February 2009 and already mostly out of theatres already at this writing) between the Metro Center and Gallery Place stations on the Red Line, going towards Glenmont

"Nesquik" chocolate drink powder between the Gallery Place and Judiciary Square stations, same line.

We travelled that line several times during our trip as we were staying in Silver Spring and rode the Metro to and from downtown.

The first time I noticed, the Red Line was being delayed significantly, so I could see that when passing by the ad very slowly or when stopped, it appeared to be just a series of slots in a panel. When we started moving again, you could see the frames of the animation but not as a moving image. Only at track speed did the ad look as it was intended. This is a throwback to the earliest days of "technology" (so to speak) to view a moving image through a slot, similar to a "kinetoscope" (yes, I looked it up!).

On one of the trips on the Red Line past these ads, I heard someone remark, "Oh, they still have these up, I thought they stopped them."

I'm curious as to whether any other ads like this existed on the Metro and if anyone has any history on them. They certainly got our attention...

By the way, we did get in some amount of riding on the system, including two round trips from Silver Spring down to King Street in Alexandria. A pretty good leveraging of the day passes to be sure when added to our trips to, from and around the center city.
  by SchuminWeb
Yep! Functionally, these tunnel ads are no different than the Masstransiscope art piece that was installed in New York City some decades ago.

Otherwise, the two you saw are the only tunnel advertising spots in the entire system. Two boxes on the same track. One would think that they would install a set on the Blue and Orange Lines, but that turned out not to be the case. The boxes have been active since around March 2006 or so, so they've been going on for three years now.