Discussion of Canadian Passenger Rail Services such as AMT (Montreal), Go Transit (Toronto), VIA Rail, and other Canadian Railways and Transit

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Another big GO Train Increase including year ‘round weekend service to Niagara Falls:

https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/ ... rain-trips

The number of GO Trains now being offered is really getting amazing especially on the 60 mile Lakshore with some core segments having service every 15 minutes. That’s almost a Streetcar frequency. No more having to look at a schedule…just show up ‘GO’.

For comparison….the suburban populations around Chicago are similar to Toronto and the best METRA can do on key routes is hourly (a bit more frequent where two routes overlap) This would be like adding service every 15 minute between Chicago and Aurora.
NS (and Everyone:)

Good to see that the GO Transit Rail system is growing substantially and will add services to busy routes
such as the Lakeshore in both directions along with added trains to Niagara Falls beginning August 31...

https://www.gotransit.com/en/trip-plann ... le-changes

With Toronto and Chicago the two largest cities and metropolitan areas on the Great Lakes the comparison
to Metra in the Chicago area is a good one - remembering that hourly train service on most Metra routes is
an average over the course of a entire weekday - AM and PM peak hour services are more frequent.

The BNSF Aurora Line is the single busiest Metra route - and for that matter the highest ridership suburban
station is (Illinois) Route 59 (which is between Naperville and Aurora) on the entire Metra system.