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  by metra104
I Cannot Stand Those Annoying Beeps That Come Over The PA:(example: (beep beep beep) Your Attention Please,We Are Being Delayed Because Crews Are Working On The Tracks Ahead, We Expect Ro Be Moving Shortly) Those Beeps Are Annoying!
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  by orangeline
Well they did their job, didn't they? They got your attention!

  by JamesT4
Hey at least you know why the train is stopped.

Thou it is annoying when the driver plays it 5 times in 2 mins.
  by Komachi
As others have pointed out, it grabs your attention, not unlike the tones that preceed a weather warning statement on TV or radio.

I suppose they could take a page from the Japanese Railways' playbook and use musical tones before they make announcements. But, that too, could get old after a while.

  by F40CFan
You want to talk about annoying, listen to the noise that comes out of the PA system at Metra stations before they make an announcement. I can even think of what characters to use to try and write down the sound.

  by doepack
I know they're just following orders, but I don't think it's necessary for the operators to activate the delay announcement the INSTANT the train comes to a stop. Especially if you're downtown on the Loop elevated, and 99.9% you're just waiting for signals to clear, which usually takes 30-45 seconds, a minute at the most. People aren't going to get uptight if 30 seconds or so elapses before the announcement is made...

  by MetraRy
the first time i rode the L I jumped out of my seat when I heard those beeps.. I think they should just be softened alittle bit. I think the noise at the metra stations is something like this: beeeppptrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtr...beeeeptrtrtrtrtrtrrtrtrtrtrtrtr

  by MetraBNSF
Two days ago, the southbound blue line train I was on was stopped in the subway just before the LaSalle St. station. The train was stopped for close to 5 minutes and not one announcement was made as to why the train was stopped. There must be some sort of reverse thinking as the announcements are triggered for little nuances and we don't know anything when you're stopped for 5 minutes.

  by JamesT4

That's all on the driver of that blue line train that you was on. Maybe he didnt felt like scanning down, and pressing the right delay button, or just forgot about it.