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  by MRBJ
Does anyone know what the daily traffic or schedules are like for the Ann Arbor railroad between Ann Arbor and Toledo? Thanks
  by jimnorthwood
Unsure as to times, but basic schedule is one trip each way per day between Toledo and a siding just north of Ann Arbor called Osmer. Interchange at Osmer with Great Lakes Central, mainly sand cars from/to Yuma. AA's customers include (this is not a complete list) of course the interchange of (mainly) sand cars with GLC at Osmer; interchange with NS in Milan; a couple of places around Whitmore Lake (small factories); AHC (auto parts) at the end of the Saline Branch, which runs for a couple of miles southeast off the main at Pitt Jct; the cement plant in Dundee (I believe this closed recently), and its Toledo customers. These include Jeep, Kraft Foods, GM (the latter two via trackage rights on CSX to AA's orphan Temperance Yard), and a mixing facility which I believe is owned by Ford. I am probably missing some. AA's traffic, which has always been fairly strong, is probably off in the last year or so on account of the severe economic downturn in southern Michigan and northern Ohio.
  by jbobicz
I am thinking of buying a house right next to the AA Railroad in Milan, MI. Do you know appro how many trains come through each day?
  by jimnorthwood
AA runs one train each way, every weekday. Unsure about their weekend schedule. Occasional extras in the form of grain trains from GLC interchange north of AA. NS has or had trackage rights on the AA, but I don't know if they have used them since the Conrail merger.
  by ToledoTerminalRy
It seems CN has trackage rights over AA. Minimum once a week on my way to work, I travel over the AA tracks at Alexis, there is a CN train coming off the AA and onto NS.
  by jimnorthwood
I forgot about the CN trackage rights arrangement. They must still use them to get to Flat Rock, via Dianne.