Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by Gilbert B Norman
The New York Times reports that timekeeping on the Subway has improved systemwide, the numbered lines - mostly former IRT - are leading the lettered, or those of the BMT and IND.

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.Subway officials in New York City held a news conference recently to celebrate the system’s progress. The on-time rate for trains hit 76 percent, they boasted, signaling a “renaissance” for the floundering system.

But that figure masks a surprising disparity.

While the numbered lines have seen a notable boost in reliability, many of the lettered lines are still delivering poor service. The F train has a miserable on-time rate of about 50 percent — the lowest in the system.

“It seems like there’s always something, from a sick passenger to signal problems,” said Paul Galloway, an F train rider who lives in Brooklyn and works at the Museum of Modern Art. “It just seems like a cursed line to me.”
Have to wonder if those around here who make daily use of the System agree with The Times' report.
  by ConstanceR46
Queens Blvd is a complete joke; 168th st has a ton of capacity and a layup yard yet only 1 route uses it.
  by rr503
ConstanceR46 wrote:Queens Blvd is a complete joke; 168th st has a ton of capacity and a layup yard yet only 1 route uses it.
Running more than 1 route to 168 would mean a loss in Concourse service -- remember that Wash Hts and Concourse have to share ~60tph of Midtown-bound capacity on CPW.

QB is really complicated. Many of its issues are things external to the corridor (like merge congestion in Manhattan) cascading onto it, but on it, too, there are issues. Forest Hills terminal ops reduce capacity on the local tracks by about a third, dwells at Roosevelt frequently double express runtimes during rush hours, and the complexity of merge/service patterns in the Queens Plaza-36th St area guarantee the incursion of some delay there.
  by ConstanceR46
Oh, i meant Jamaica-179th. I must've gotten em confused.