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  by Gilbert B Norman
Today's Wall Street Journal has an article establishing that some, even when confronted with "The Mother of all Chicago road construction projects" (thank you Saddam for inspiring that quote), there are some that only with great reluctance will give up their autos for a daily commute.

Even if gasoline goes to $4/ga or higher this summer, there are going to be some middle class folk, who simply WILL NOT make alternate transportation arrangements away from their Ford Expedition and GMC Yukon

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  by orangeline
I guess people will always stake their claim to be "free" to choose their mode of transportation, even if it ends up bankrupting them. I grew up and have always lived in and very near large cities (NYC and Chicago) and am used to taking public transportation. In fact, I prefer public transport (CTA, Metra) over driving and will drive only if it's to an out-of-the-way place or if there are multiple destinations involved.

Many suburbanites only know the city through the tunnel vision of getting to/from their jobs. I personally think they're afraid of facing realities inconsistent with where they live. People who live in the city learn to deal with and accept (to varying degrees) their neighbors. Those in the suburbs tend to be more alike and are scared of anything, or anyone, not like them.

Those are my $0.02 on the subject.