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  by AMTK84
Well, Metra Union Pacific West Line train #48 was delayed out of Elburn today. At around 12:00 PM, the dispatcher 11 called Metra 29 (which turns at the Elburn station to become 48) and told the engineer that he needed to run a freight on track 3, and he'd need to put 29's equipment into the yard to do that. I don't know what was said by the engineer but about a minute later the dispatcher mumbled something into the radio. At 12:08 PM he lined 29 back into the yard and told him that once the UP4721 West cleared he'd line him back out. At 12:32 PM, 7 minutes past 48's scheduled departure time from Elburn, UP Train Mannagement Omaha called UP4721 West, and asked him when he'd be clear, and ended with "48 is waiting on you". At 12:47 PM, I heard Metra 48 being instructed for the form B between (I think) MP39 and MP37, roughly.
Nothing was posted on the Metra website about 48's delay, but I wouldn't expect "UP Commuter Control" to publicise that one of there own (another UP employee, in this case a dispatcher) delayed an eastbound just because he wanted to run a freight on 3. Surely they could've held that freight for oh, 10-20 minutes, for the Metra to clear? Or why not use tracks 1 or two, if they were available. I've never seen this done in the almost 15 months of Elburn service.

  by doepack
Can you shed a little more light on this; i.e., did UP4721 west go into emergency or something while on track 3? If not, why was it taking so long to clear? Also, between Peck and Elburn, was there traffic on the other two mains; including perhaps one train being "staged" at LaFox? For that matter, were all three mains between Peck and Elburn in service, or was one shut down due to trackwork, which would limit the dispatcher's options in that case?