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Discussion related to Amtrak also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corp.

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  by MattW
How fast can trains travel with a reverse hose? 25? 30? I don't think that's much slower than the track speed anyways. I still say it would be best to rebuild the WYE there just north of the station, and do the reverse move on the deadhead, in other words, train pulls straight into the station, discharges passengers, backs onto the wye, pulls into the yard. The morning move could pull down toward the station if that's faster, but take the wye, then shove into the station. It would limit the platforms to the two near platforms at the outside, but maybe switches could be built all the way over to the fourth one, there's enough room to maybe even avoid a slip switch.
  by west point
That has been my contention to restore the wye. Only problem using wye is that a train will either pull across or back up over a very very busy LaJune road. The wye switch as I remember is maybe only 100 feet from LaJune rd. That switch should be a powered switch probably automatic. I suspect that that currentleg of wye and definitely beyond west switch is still CSX track?
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  by west point
MattW wrote: Tue Jun 28, 2022 9:12 am If it's still in use, would a quick Amtrak move cause a lot of disruption that existing trains don't?
No the sw leg is not in use track and ROW is there except close to the TRIRail track at NW 26th street.. That SW leg has a crossing cantilever verticle column that is sitting in what was the SW leg. Protects NW 26th street from triRail tracks.. The NW leg is in service for CSX Homesstead subdivision (green line) to proceed to the south of the MIA airport to interchange to FEC.. That cantilever will need to be move 30 - 50 feet south to clear the SW leg track.

Zoom down about 15 times to that area and you can get some idea however unless memory fails that is not quite what is there. Orange color is TriRail. Blue is overhead Metro rail.

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