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  by CHI_Amtrak_Fan
Hello all!

This fall I attempted to ride the Great Dome on the Adirondack. Unfortunately due to a warehouse fire in Albany, NY my Adirondack train set did not have the Great Dome. Along the way I discovered how great VIA Rail was. I had booked my trip through Canada because I wanted it to be all rail and be away for only two days.

On my blog I wrote:
Why you need to ride on VIA Rail

The following link is the beginning of the trip report that includes Business Class experience on the corridor. Click through on my blog to access parts 2 through 5.
Trip report through Canada to ride Amtrak's Great Dome

Chicago, IL
  by timberley

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip, and were impressed with VIA Rail. I have travelled many times with VIA in the corridor and on The Ocean down east, and have always been very impressed with the quality of service. I have not, however, had any opportunity yet to ride Amtrak, so I cannot compare the two. Yet clearly you have a very extensive repertoire of Amtrak experience, so I'll take your word on the comparison!

I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time with your trip on the Canadian this Feb. I have not yet been able to travel on that train, but I am working out plans right now to make a trip this May, and I can't wait! From all accounts, it's the best VIA Rail has to offer, so I'm sure you won't be disappointed!