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  by CSXhopeful
Greg Morse ,the owner is attempting to sell AMDG (the online school part) to attempt to pay of his debts.He owes manyfolks,from 10-100 or somewhere inbetween 4500 each that paid cash for conductor training.He also was/is trying to get a personal loan to pay those folks back.He also served CSX with a lawsuit last week stemming from their breeched agreement to utilize them for training.Something to the effect that CSX would be hiring another 800 or so folks systemwide through AMDG and now is not.CSX may just thumb their nose at AMDG or who knows?I think they have 90 days to respond.

I went to 200 Galleria center in Atlanta yesterday to talk to them personally.The 20th floor train school area is occupied by someone else now.The 330 suite on the 3rd floor has a few packing boxes in it,but appears to be vacated.They have to be out of there fully by April.

All of their mail is being forwarded to a PO box.

Lance Duncan hasn't drawn a check from them since July'07 or worked with them since Aug-Sept '07

The board of regents in Athens has had a few calls on them,received a copy of Dept of Consumer affairs complaints,and an inquiry from a lawyer claiming to represent a few jilted guys.

I have filed a BBB complaint,Dept. of Consumer affairs complaint, and an Federal trade Commission complaint.

If any of you have a lawyer already,let me know.I have Greg Morse's( the owner and CEO of AMDG)personal cell#,Home office # and home address.

He has yet to respond to my friendly inquiries about getting this resolved without involving the courts.If he continues to ignore me,I will be glad to dispense the info I have to help whomever,however.....

  by Burner

Sounds like a great organization to get involved in...


Kinda glad I didnt hire out with CSX now...

Come on up to iowa and work for uncle pete. No school required :D

I hope everything works out for everybody that paid them for nothing.

  by thebigc
I made this topic a sticky. Any gripes with AMDG can and should be posted here.

  by turkeyhunter
They got my $4500!
  by cowboy385
Well good news a few days ago I was going to pay the last bit on my credit card that I used for AMDG. I called them and they told me that I had $4500 dollars credited to my account by AMDG so I got my money back If anyone used a credit card like I did you may want to check to make sure it hasn't been refunded hope this helps.
  by CSXhopeful
I spoke with The curriculim coordinator today.She said that AMDG was in no danger of going out of business or bankrupt..They are the delivery system or It part of AOL @school...She also said that Lance Duncan was personably responsible for the debt owed,but that he would say it was Greg Morse.She also confirmed that Greg Morse had brought suit against CSX and was attempting to sell the train school part of the business.

If Greg Morse wasn't responsible for the debt incured by the Conductor training" side of the business..Why would he bring suit instead of Lance Duncan..?Also why would Lance not be selling that part of the school instead of Greg?

I will be directing my energies against AMDG for the return of my monies...
  by ss1966

I am getting screwed by AMDG as well. I sent a check to them in Aug./ Sept. and didn't hear anything back. I finally called and spoke with Pam and she told me that I was elligible for my full refund. I waited 8 weeks after filling out the obligatory paperwork and nothing. I received a letter with 2 copies of an agreement, stating that they would refund all of my money in installments. I sent the contract to them by certified mail and evidently no one was there to receive the letter. If I don't get my money, then I want my pound of flesh!!!! I will be willing to join a class action lawsuit. Does anyone think I should send the other copy to them by registered mail? Where are they moving to? Does anyone have another address that AMDG is moving to?


  by CSXhopeful
[email protected] will get you in touch with Greg Morse the owner of AMDG, ss1966.

I don't want to give out his home address here as I am a better person than that,but you CAN find it if you look ard enough.

No one is at the 200 galleria address anymore.All their mail is being forwarded to a PoBox according to the mailman there.

Pam Shuburt is working now from home.The 330 ISempty and they have 'til April to be completly out..

All of this info is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.Greg Morse is aware of this forum,this post,and who I am.I e-mailed him through the above address and he made comment about this post to a former employee of his I am speaking with.He asked if I was trying to "tick" him off...

No,He has my money.He should be happy.I am the one wwho should be ticked off.

t If he would like to clarify or dispute anything here,I,and I'm sure others would like his input.

I payed AMDG..Pam Shuburt,an employee of AMDG, proscessed the transaction...Train school side,k-12 side...all AMDG.Greg Morse owns that company.Lance doesn't.Plain enough to me.

To the greater Glory of God?Greg,I don't see how you are glorifying God by not responding at least to those you have taken this money from?
  by CSXhopeful
Withdrawal Refund Policy
The amount of refund is determined by the following schedule:

Withdrawal on or before the close of business (COB) the Friday prior to the start of class, 100% of tuition paid minus the processing fee of $300.
Withdrawal after the COB Friday prior to the start of class but prior to the COB on Friday of the first week of class, 60% of tuition paid minus the processing fee of $300.
No refund is given after COB on Friday of the first week of class.

Withdrawal Policy
If you have withdrawn from a class and would like to make a WITHDRAWAL REFUND REQUEST, you must:

Ensure that your instructor or recruiter has been notified of your withdrawal and the date of your withdrawal.
Contact the AMDG Finance office at 866-324-9084 to initiate your withdrawal refund request.

Approved requests must be completed, signed and sent to the AMDG accounting office indicated on the form. Refunds can take up to 8 weeks to process. Incomplete information in any Refund Request will result in processing delays. Approved Refund Requests shall be sent via US Mail.
  by CSXhopeful
That is where the 8-week thing comes in...As it is,we did not withdraw.I asked them if they had any info on upcoming classes and Pam told me they did not offer them , they weren't affiliated with CSX anymore and I was due a refund.

The 8 wks is a withdrawal policy.Not what applies to us... :wink:
  by CSXhopeful
It looks as if AMDG is trying to do right by it's paid students. :-D

I received a packet today with the stipulations of the refund.Seems reasonable,and sincere.

  by cowboy385
Yah I did to and they already refunded me on my credit card. Thats wierd

  by cincyrlroader
Yeah they got my money too!!!!
Here is where I am at, I got that bogus agreement and they sent a $500 payment in January, mised the Febuary payment, sent me a $200 payment in March along with a letter saying that there would be a probable negative outcome of any lawsuits which would cost them more money and lessen the chance of any refund. This month got a letter saying they had closed thier office in a cost cutting effort along with an explination of having no money but a promise to pay everyone as they can. This is a bunch of bull, I believe everyone was lied to and misled into believing they needed to pay this tuition in order to secure a spot and seniority, when all everyone at AMDG do was lie about when the class was starting and thier position with CSX. Anyhow I have yet to contact an attorney, but I am willing to join one with any of you in the same boat that I am in. I was wondering should'nt CSX be held liable to us that paid if AMDG goes belly up since we were misled to believe they would hire and did hire the graduates of this scam school.

  by turkeyhunter
I guess they are sitting on the beach and drinking mixed drinks with our money. They shoud be sitting in jail for Fraud!!!
  by tajsix
[ I to have been mislead I believe when it comes to my $4500.00 refund. I have been waiting and all I seem to get is broken promises and invalid refund contract. There has to be something we as a group can do to retain our monies. Iam willing to do what ever it takes to get my money back. can anyone hear me if so please reply.
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