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Looks like the refurbished cars are getting the stripe from the chargers. I'm surprised how far they're departing from their previous look, but refurbished and new equipment is better than old.
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That engine looks slightly underpowered :laughing:
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Altamont Corridor Express Rail Expansion Faces Two-Year Delay - Railway Track and Structures
The Altamont Corridor Express’ expansion into Stanislaus and Sacramento counties is expected to be delayed by two years
According to the most recent ACE management timeline, the first trains will not run until late 2026, a local news report said. Officials attribute the delay, in part, to a lengthy review procedure by Union Pacific Railroad, which runs freight trains on the same tracks as the passenger trains.
The existing route: Schedules - ACE Rail - San Jose - Fremont - Livermore - Tracy - Lathrop/Manteca - Stockton

Southern branch: North Lathrop 2027 - Manteca 2026 - Ripon 2027 - Modesto 2026 - Ceres 2026 - Turlock 2029 - Livingston 2030 - Merced 2030

Northern branch: Lodi 2027 - Elk Grove 2026 - Sacramento City College 2029 - Midtown Sacramento 2026 - Old North Sacramento 2029 - Natomas 2026

The northern branch will also carry two additional Amtrak San Joaquins round trips.

The article stated that the first part of the CAHSR system will open in 2030 - 33 and will run Merced - Bakersfield.
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Some more details: Modesto Bee

Fair Use:
ACE runs four weekday round trips between Stockton and San Jose, aimed at commuters to Bay Area jobs. It stops at the Lathrop/Manteca border and in Tracy, Livermore, Pleasanton, Fremont, Santa Clara and San Jose.

ACE will expand north to Sacramento and south to Merced, with various stations opening between 2026 and 2030 under the current timeline.

The southern extension will have stations by late 2026 in Manteca, Modesto and Ceres. North Lathrop and Ripon will get theirs in 2027, followed by Livingston in 2029 and Merced in 2030.

The northern branch will have stations by late 2026 in Elk Grove, Midtown Sacramento and Natomas. Stops will be added in Lodi in 2027 and at Sacramento City College and Old North Sacramento in 2029.
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Elk Grove station: SacBee.com

San Joaquin topic: amtrak-california-san-joaquin-t10068.html

And a cool map:
A railway expansion could make Bay Area-Sacramento commute easier by 2026. Here’s the plan

The Altamont Corridor Express (ACE), a commuter rail service, plans to include Elk Grove as one of its stops from downtown San Jose through Sacramento. The expansion is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

According to a news release, the San Joaquin Regional Rail Commission, which manages ACE, closed escrow on land for a station in Elk Grove late last month.

The deal for land marked a major step in the multiyear effort, construction on which is expected to begin around the end of 2024 as the final designs become set.
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Makes you wonder if there's really now a need for Amtrak to serve the Bay Area to Sacramento.

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eolesen wrote: Thu Feb 15, 2024 12:49 pm Makes you wonder if there's really now a need for Amtrak to serve the Bay Area to Sacramento.

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Yes, there is a need. There are nine stations between Sacramento and Fremont that are only served by Amtrak.