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  by Gilbert B Norman
Mr. Randall W, having observed a wheelchair passenger boarding and alighting (there is a fairly regular disabled rider here I have observed from a distance), I think handling such a passenger results in some three minutes station (dwell) time.

Lest we note, there are also like requirements overseas regarding accessibility. Hi-level platforms are found only in the UK (nowhere on the Continent to my knowledge), so any equipment designed "over there" has their varietal of ADA in mind.

Furthermore, I THINK under existing Labor Agreements, the Train Crew consist for a three car DMU set is Conductor only, but I'm ready to stand corrected by those with contemporary industry affiliation, as distinct from my 42 year "post partem".

But since Messrs. Olesen, Lurker, Dominik, and myself all the pay the "Mass Transportation Tax" (incorporated into the "sales Tax") anytime we buy anything, our views I'd hope can be considered.
  by eolesen
I don't know that Metra allows for a two man crew. Maybe on the MED but I've always seen a conductor and trainman on the Metra operated NCS and MD-W.

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eolesen wrote: Fri Jul 07, 2023 12:34 am We just saw recently where the LIRR managed to cut back from 12 car trains to a standard 8 car train across their system.
EO: The LIRR this year for the opening of Grand Central (Madison) standard MU train is now 10 cars. The reason was to spread the fleet around as much as possible - in cases 12 car consists were retained where there was a demand and specific need...The LIRR is around 70 percent of 2019 ridership numbers on weekdays and both LIRR and MNCR have gotten back to 100 percent of 2019 levels on weekends...

Both METRA and Philadelphia's SEPTA Regional Rail lines have far more sluggish recovery numbers as noted. Offering fare incentives to boost ridership is the right way to go...As for the new Multilevel cars a percentage should allow the retirement of some of the oldest METRA Gallery Cars - the painted former C&NW and RI cars and the Burlington cars still in service come to mind - depending on what the final new car count is to be...
  by eolesen
You're right, it was 10 cars. Which in turn freed up a bunch of capacity to operate the Grand Central Madison services.

Point is, they didn't need the capacity of the 12 car trains anymore.

Perhaps the relative crime of Chicago and Philadelphia is as much to blame for the slow recovery compared to other markets? In New York there really is not much of an alternative given low vehicle ownership.

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  by Gilbert B Norman
Tonight, NBC Local News reported that Chicago has a 22% office vacancy rate. By comparison during 2019, that rate, I believe, was 5%, although I could be mistaken and will stand corrected if need be.
  by superbad
When will the first of these cars be delivered to METRA?
  by DominikW118
superbad wrote:When will the first of these cars be delivered to METRA?
2025 I believe
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