• Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.
Discussion of products from the American Locomotive Company. A web site with current Alco 251 information can be found here: Fairbanks-Morse/Alco 251.

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  by Ol' Loco Guy
Don't underestimate the fact that the older organic insulation materials as found in locomotives can be quite a 'magnet' for critters, varmints and other small rodents. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to much of the wiring on the Alco denuded of insulation material.

As for the 2510, I believe (based upon an account of one of the principals)that the type of freeze damage was due to improper/incomplete drainage of jacket water. This happened way more than five years ago, too. I would hate to see what the control cab looks like on that thing-given that in the best of timers, the seals and such were insufficient.
  by b&m617
What makes things harder for preservation is the fact that the stuff is only a couple of miles from Schaibo-Hudson Junkyard in the port.. relatively .easy trip for this stuff unfortunately...let's hope somebody can use the stuff. Also if the stuff at Colonie comes up for grabs it's cut off from live track also. Don't underestimate what it would cost to move. Some rare stuff here; don't think there's another D&H coach left like the one at colonie.....

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  by nessman
Are there any recent pictures of these units out there on the web?

As for the U25 - if the generator is still good, the D-L could use it. Otherwise, the rest of the engine will likely be scrapped.

  by GN 599
Thats too bad. The members of the Mohawk and Hudson chapter of the NRHS should be ashamed of themselves. :( I would be terribly embarrased to let equipment like that get into a situation like that.

More "museums" and historical societies could probably be called "rust-farms", than either of the two previous names. So many of them collect up everything they can lay their hands on, then watch it rot & rust away. Some places even manage to restore equipment first, then let it rust away. Sad, pathetic and amazing, all at the same time. Sad part is, these same folks would rather watch it rot, then sell it to someone with the resources to do something with it. Regards :(

  by Alcoman
I was a member of that group from about 1977 until 1993. In 1977, they had 350+ members. In 1993, about 125. Now less than 20.
I was equipment chairman for awhile and managed to raise well over $8,000 to preseve the equuipment. The group took this money and put it into the general fund instead of a equipment fund and as a result,more than 3/4 of it was spent on non-equipment purposes. Except for the annual Train Show, the group had no steady income. Membership was declining and dues income did not meet their expenses. So they STOLE the money from equpment. Money that could have repainted the S-motor, built a shelter of some sort to house the equipment in. This is why they now have a "Rust Farm"
I left the group in 93 because of the above and the mis-mangement that has taken its toll. Since then, I am told that no one wants to run for office because of a person (who is President) who has destroyed the group.
Mind you, they have not had an election in over 7 years or a business meeting almost as long which is in violation of NY State laws governing non-profit groups.
The sooner they give(not sell) the equipment away, the better.

  by GN 599
I think since the the situation has gotten some attention it will help out alot. Most of the guys on here are a great group of people and maybe if we all keep up on this issue it will work out for the best. Lets just keep spreading the word around and something good may come if the right people or person hear about it. Ive got my fingers crossed. Does anyone know if they are taking offers or anything?

  by onder
I looked at these locos late last spring. Sadly
they are HAMMERED. The electrics are of
serious historical interest and it will be
a near crime if they are torched.

I agree the best bet is to part out the
alco and the GE. But those electrics,
they need to be sent to a real up and
running museum.

Im not here to flame the owners but
truth is they have sadly failed in
their mission. The rest of their holdings
are good for scrap at best.

Our country is so large and preservationists
are so far apart that getting things
actually preserved by an organization
that is self perpetuating is so hard.

Those electrics are Smithsonian level
stuff. They moved heaven and earth to
get a sad wreck of a PA, maybe they
would be interested in these.

  by GN 599
Does anybody know what these guys are gonna do with this stuff yet?

  by H.F.Malone
They'll probably do nothing (which they are very good at, in case you hadn't noticed) until the torches are lit. Then, expect a lot of screaming, maybe a newspaper article or two, and then wait 6 months. You can then shave with all that stuff. The time to have "done something" is probably long past. Flame me if you want, but that's the reality.

A real SIN and a capital crime for those NYC motors to be killed.....

  by rbarcus
How do you get in contact with this organization? I've tried with no replies...
  by b&m617
Just a thought- wonder if the owner of the property where this stuff is can seize the equipment and then dispose of it (read: donate it to someone who could give it the tlc it needs)??? Putting back 40 ft of rail isn't a big deal (i say that without looking at it); lots of logistics here but unfortunately it doesn't sound like time is on our side. I'd be willing to donate my time to look at the track and see whats needed to hook it up; I worked for a rr contractor who is close and I could talk him out of some materials. I'd go after the property owner and see what happens.

If I can be of any help, email me at [email protected]

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  by Alcoman
Just to bring everyone up to date. There was an offer made by someone(read RR company-- to remain nameless) to take the U25B and the RS-3. They were refused on the grounds that they wanted someone who would not scrap or part out the equipment. This is inspite of the great reputation this company has in keeping such equipment running.
As was stated before, many museums do not have the $$$ or manpower to restore equipment to running condition. A railroad in most cases does.
The best anyone could do with the U25B is to make it a static display unless of course they ver deep pockets. The RS-3 is in decent shape and with work could be made to run again.

  by rocketman
ATK wrote: All of this and no locomotive to move the stuff -- CSX sure as hell isn't going to go in there.
Correction - there's a GE 44 tonner inside the Rotary Dump Building in running condition as of two or so years ago. Rich Wiley was contracted to get it running again for the heavy load flats coming in and out for the new PSEG power plant being built next door.