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  by RedSoxSuck
Today (well, yesterday), I took my first trip on the Waterbury branch. When the train got back to Bridgeport (on track 3), I noticed the signal for CP 255 was showing the Absolute Block aspect (alternating red and green). I asked the engineer about this, and he said it was because he was going to the engine and the CR was going to the cab car to back up past the interlocking to clear the block in order to change tracks and head back east, and that when the CR is up front, they use that aspect. Can anyone please explain why? I don't understand why they can't just give the train a normal green. My understanding was that Absolute Block was only used for trains with broken cab signals.

As far as I remember, trains backing out of Brewster yard (with the CR in the lead cab) to the Southeast station are given a regular green aspect. I may be wrong about this, and I have only been in the right spot in the parking lot a couple times to notice this, but does anyone know why they do it differently there? Or should they technically be given absolute block?

Thanks in advance for any explainations you guys may have.

Also, to the mods, I did not mean to post anything that could get any employees in trouble, but if you think this post crosses that line, please delete it, and accept my apology in advance.

  by DutchRailnut
Both are correct aspects these days a conductor can back a train up when he only has the proceed cab signal, some dispatchers like to give the absolute block to signify to conductor that the block he backs into is clear.
The proceed cab means nothing unless you got cab signal on leading end a train could be just at other end of interlocking. at Bridgeport with the curve the RTC just wants to add a layer of protection for the move.
In previous rule book a absolute block was required for any backup move or train with failed cab signal.
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  by RedSoxSuck
Thanks, Dutch.