• Abandoning the former BR&P through Orchard Park

  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by dragonflys
I'll post when I see the ROW salvaged at the Northbound Rt 219 overpass.
  by AbandonedRailroader
You guys ask for it, you guys got it. I have alot of video and pics that i will be sharing once Im done editing it all into a vid and posting on YT. Here is what the last few post are about.
Before is from 11/15/09. After is from 5/2/10

Here is Jewett Holmwood Rd. It was paved over until recently so B&P can remove the rails further south
Image Image

Here is Old Glenwood Rd. at Mill Rd. You can see how much pavement was put over the rail
Image Image

After not seeing a train in about 12 years B&P drops off a string of car for the scrappers to collect the rails from just north of the West Falls Depot. Looking south at Old Glenwood Rd. at Mill Rd.
Image Image

I plan on getting more video especially at the OP depot If I can plan everything right
  by fiend540
There are two switchers parked at Old Glenwood right now. B&P 1513 and I&M 42, wish I had my camera on me when I drove by.
  by AbandonedRailroader
Final train rolls north past Ellicott Road In Orchard Park. At the end of the quarter mile long train the rails will be pulled up and loaded onto the cars that just ran over them.

  by nessman
Are they pulling up the rails in 1/4 mile lengths (instead of one stick at a time)?
  by AbandonedRailroader
Yes they are pulling them up in Quarter mile lengths. It must be much easier this way. The Salvagers brought up as much rail to OP to load by train and the rest down toward Springville was loaded by truck. I was shocked to see about 1/4 of the rail had welded joints

NS59 > They passed Ellicott Rd. at 4:05pm 5/3
  by AbandonedRailroader
Ah so its you. Yeah it was worth the wait and the sunburn. They only made it to here for the day so i'll see what tomorrow brings. Hope your Glenwood vids turned out great
  by AbandonedRailroader
Salvage crews dragged the last rail across Jewett Holmwood Road at around1:30 PM. Crew then packed up all thier tools and equipment and headed north. Train arrived in Buffalo at 4:50 PM from Orchard Park with a full load of rail. Rails are gone from Jewett Holmwood Road south except over grade crossings. Photos at Jewett Holmwood: Looking south at current end of line. 2nd photo looking north
Image Image
  by thebigham
Nothing was going on Friday.

The rails are pulled up south of Jewett Holmwood Road.

Tracks still in north ofJewett Holmwood Road. The spikes were still in.
  by JT76
Went by tonight, rails are taken up north of Jewitt Holmwood Rd past the golf course, as far as i can tell the tracks are still in by the depot..... where is it going to end?? :( What is to become of the rail? Melted down or will it find a home elsewhere?
  by nessman
Abandonment is to MP 8.4, but the rails may be left in place to the depot (MP 8.9) if the various parties involved can work something out.

Depends on the condition of the rails... but given their age (around 80 yrs) - they may end up being recycled.
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