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  by huntersails23
Not that this is related to MNRR,but the grade Crossing at marlboro where i have my 23 foot sloop docked recieves traffic frequently,but not dangerously. we can tell when a train is coming,and they give audiable warnings a plenty.
i have fished on the new hamburg side,and i can tell you from experience that getting over the tracks is a pain,and kind of scary in the morning,but you can manage.

some tips for those who are not exactly the "outdoorsy" type.
Bright clothing, they can't stop the train in front of you,but you will be able to see a friend (see below)

buddy system:bring a friend. or two. or twelve. just don't go alone.

cell phone:good to have,with a good charge,if something takes a turn for the worse you don't want to have to run,now don't you?

light pack:heavy things will slow you down. bad time getting across railroad tracks=more chance of getting hit

how to know how to run like hell=all the tracks hiss at the same time

also keep in mind that the train is moving far,far faster than you think.

just thought it would be good to pass my knowledge on to others,although mostly unrelated.