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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by PRSLTrainman
Many of you guys may know about this already, but if not you should find the website http://www.historicaerials.com very interesting.

It shows you aerial photos from a selected choice of years for the area you are viewing. Sort of like Google maps in a time machine. The quality of the photos is quite good, even when zoomed in. Check out the the "Swipe" tool, which lets you compare the same view from two different years (by moving the swipe line to the left or right).

I was especially interested in the views of Camden Terminal and the Camden area trackage. Check out the progressive changes in the Camden Terminal area from 1940 (when the ferry boats were still in operation), to 1957 (after the ferries had shut down), to 1963, 1970 etc.

All in all a very cool site for railroad history for the PRSL and many other railroads around the country.

Have fun!
  by Steam man
Cool beans!! I looked at our farm, then checked out Camden and Atlantic City..good stuff!!