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  by Bay Head Local
I Currently live on Long Island in NY but I may be moving to Florida in near future,so I would like to know When will The double-Tracking project for Tri-rail be completed and also when it is completed how much more do they plan to increase service?Also, are the trains dependable? From what I hear its nothing like the LIRR and I hear that the Miami Metro is nothing like the NYC subway, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing so im looking for a little insight on the system, so I can know what to expect.


  by Noel Weaver
The Tri-Rail double tracking project is nearly complete now. There may be some work still in progress between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and the
New River Bridge in Fort Lauderdale has a completion target date of early
in 2007.
We presently have 15 trains each way Monday - Friday with less on
Saturday and Sunday. Schedules are going to be increased late in March
and when the work is finished, we will have probably better then double
the service that we have today.
Trains do not go to downtown Miami but do go very close to the Airport
and it is a very short shuttle bus ride to the airport terminal from the Tri-
Rail Station.
Miami Metro Rail trains can be connected to and from at the Metro Rail
Station and Metro Rail has decent cars with decent seats. Far more
comfortable than the subways of New York. Metro Rail service is fairly
decent and your Tri-Rail ticket is good for the transfer at the transfer
station. The transfer is pretty easy.
There is decent parking at most of the stations although some of them
require a little bit of walking to reach the platforms.
Fares are based on number of zones traveled and payment is by a POP
system, you must have a ticket before you board. Tickets are checked on
most trains at least once enroute. Only about three stations still have
agents in them for tickets, the machines are not too difficult to use and
accept bills and credit cards too.
Trains are usually close to schedule although CSX occasionally finds a way
to screw things up.
I ride the line several times a year and almost always seem to have a decent trip in both directions.
Noel Weaver

  by 262
The last section of double track was started late last week.They are laying track south of Ft.Lauderdale station in three seperate areas.At Weyland signal,(can be seen from Davie Blvd.overpass).On the north and south bridge deck risers,(can be seen on I-95 enterance ramp from St.Road 84 north,or Davie Blvd. exit ramp.

  by Noel Weaver
Escorted a friend who is not up on Tri-Rail to the Miami airport this AM and
found the new bridge is essentially finished in Fort Lauderdale but much
track work continues and I would guess that it would be another couple of
months or maybe more before they will be in a position to actually be
able to use this bridge.
The SB train 661 was about 12 minutes late into Fort Lauderdale and
about the same into MIA while the NB train 662 was OT out of MIA but had
a signal problem at IRIS which is the crossing of the FEC just below 79th
Street. We were about 10 minutes late arriving back at Fort Lauderdale.
On the southbound move, we had to use track 2 in the Fort Lauderdale
station as Amtrak 98 needs track 1 in order to handle their checked
baggage on to the baggage car at the head end of the train.
This is the beauty of a double track, CTC equipped railroad as it was a
relatively simple matter to cross the trains over and announcements were
made frequently informing people of this. Patronage was quite good and
it was a decent round trip. I would like to see more frequent service on
weekends for airport connections though, it worked OK for us but we
really need this alternative to driving to this airport.
Tri-Rail's ridership figures are up and if they will put on more service when
they can, they will go up even more.
Noel Weaver