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  by Mountcastle
When I arrived at the station in Arcade, today, and got my first glimpse of the locomotive, I seemed to see an unfamiliar 'face' staring back at me. Am I losing my mind or has the front of the smokebox been altered somehow? It looks as though--to me, at any rate--as though the smokebox door was removed and replaced with a new one.

Whatever the case, 18 looks decidedly different now. It's a subtle difference, but a very noticeable one at the same time.
  by jgallaway81
I know I've got no room to talk, but pictures?
  by Mountcastle
No, I didn't take any still shots of 18 on this trip, I'm afraid; only a few videos, including this one shot from the gondola at Curriers which clearly shows the smokebox:


Compare with this video from the gondola taken last year:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAezHebZ ... re=related

There is a noticeble difference. It isn't just a matter of a paint job, either, as I thought it might be. The "nose" (for lack of the correct term) of the smokebox is slightly smaller in diameter. It also lacks the six nuts and bolts around it that used to have. Either the old door was reworked, somehow, or this is a new one, entirely.

Although I didn't take any still shots, I notice that a picture of 18 with her new "nose job" is posted on the website:


She doesn't look the same, as you can see. It also looks as though they didn't clean the locomotive up at all for the new season: she's got all her grime from last year still on her. Not good. That's where neglect starts.

And no Memorial Day weekend bunting, even.
  by jgallaway81
I recieved a message from a gentleman who currently works for the railroad that said they did in fact replace the smokebox door. Apparenlty they also worked on her cowcatcher.

I'm assuming he didn't come here himself and report this due to not being authorized to speak on behalf of the railroad... but thats just a theory, I don't know.
  by joesbag
Good eye Mountcastle. When I road on Memorial Day I did not notice the subtle difference to the smokebox.

Just wanted to say that the follks at the A&A were their usual joyful and helpful selves again to start the year.

Many folks chasing the train Memorial Day. Hope they helped the railroad out by buying a ticket.