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  by BobLI
Why was the Nostrand Ave station built on 2 levels, upper for express and lower for local? All the other express stops are island style platforms. Was there a lack of space above the cut?
  by Wallyhorse
I believe the street in that area was too narrow to go with four tracks across plus a mezzanine.

I believe that station and 86th in Manhattan on the 4/5/6 are the only express stations that don't have a crossover or crossunder.
  by Jeff Smith

Brief, fair-use quote:
After years of requests from neighborhood activists and transit advocates alike, the MTA will finally reopen a pair of shuttered Bedford Ave. entrances to the Nostrand Ave. express stop along the A and C lines, the agency and a pair of local politicians announced on Thursday. The move reverses a late-1980s or early-1990s decision to close a giant mezzanine and staircase to Bedford Ave. and will help provide a shorter connection to the B44-SBS and better disperse passengers at the 77th busiest subway stop in the city.

For riders who live west of Nostrand Ave., reopening the entrances at Fulton St. and Bedford Ave. is a huge boon. The long-closed staircases are approximately 1000 feet away from the station’s remaining entrance and could shorten commute times by as much as four minutes each way. The work to reopen this entrance and a massive IND mezzanine will also restore a long-lost free in-station transfer between Nostrand’s northbound and southbound platforms.

The work involves rebuilding street-level staircases and station entrances, which were decked over as emergency exits decades ago, cleaning up corridors and staircases that haven’t seen passengers in over twenty years, and installing turnstiles and other elements of a modern fare control area. The MTA expects to reopen the entrances by the end of the year at a cost of approximately $2 million, $500,000 of which is being provided by Assembly Member Tremaine Wright and $250,000 of which comes from retiring State Senator Velmanette Montgomery. The MTA will pony up the rest as an operating expense.
  by GirlOnTheTrain
That corridor better be littered with cameras and help points - or better yet, actual living, breathing human presence with a token booth at the new fare control area, otherwise that end is going to be taken over by scammers selling swipes and the usual hive of villainy that happens in unmanned areas.
  by Trainmaster5
This entrance definitely needs to be monitored 24/7 or whatever hours they have it opened. I had relatives living in the area years ago and the reason given for it’s closure back then was “security “. I worked this station as a RR Porter back in the late ‘60’s and I personally never had a problem. When NYCT introduced the B44SBS route a while back I thought the re-opening was a no brainer because the bus stop is right there. Without the re-opening the Franklin Avenue station is actually closer to the n/b SBS stop than it is to the namesake Nostrand Avenue station entrance.