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  by NS3737
Last October I spotted a brightly orange painted GE centercab (a guess by its general appearance) in the A&A yard at Arcade NY. Some of the cab windows were boarded up and it looked not to be in a working condition, it has neither road numbers nor a reporting marks applied. Can someone identify (exact type, road number, owner) this locomotive by this description and give more on the current status of it.

Also for about 10 years ago there was an Alco switcher parked in the yard which now seems to have disapeared, does someone know what has hapend with that locomotive?

Thanks in advance


  by nessman
That'd be #110 - the A&A's first deisel engine. It's been OOS for some time now - used for parts to keep #111 alive.

The Alco switcher was probably an ex-SB unit that was bought by the WNYRHS. It's been sitting over by the feed mill next to the NS interchange for quite some time now. NS won't move it - and it's just slowly becoming yet another casualty. My guess is that the A&A doens't have room for it in their yard.
  by BSOR Patarak
Les is correct, the orange pumpkin at Arcade is indeed 110.

Over the past three years, the A&A and Friends of A&A have repainted the two depots, engine 112 (by the corporation), engine 111 (by the Friends) and all of the coach interior and exteriors. The locomotives were painted back into the orange and black striped scheme that 110 and 111 were originally delivered from GE in.

110 is on the list for a face lift. While the orange was being applied to the coaches, it was decided to start sprucing up 110 at the same time. We hope to reinstall glass, fix the cab up a bit, and have it painted like 112 and 111. It has many parts removed, most notably one prime mover. It is planned to make it a better static display and will remain on property for it's historical significance.

As for the South Buffalo S2, it is #77. The WNYRRHS does own this one and it is stored next to Blue Seal. The A&A does need the track space, but now so does the NS. There have been discussions of moving the engine back with other equipment that the society owns. Nothing solid as of now, so it will stay in Arcade.

Pat Connors
Friends of A&A

  by n2qhvRMLI
Hi all,

Interesting bit about the RS2. As I recollect, there was a caboose down by the RS2 at Blue Seal. I recall that both the loco and hack were painted PINK! Am I correct? If so, what's the story behind the color? Does the Alco run any more?

Just curoius.
de Don, n2qhvRMLI
  by BSOR Patarak
Actually, it is an S2. It is one of the switchers from the South Buffalo Railway. #77 was purchased by the WNYRHS.

As for the caboose, it is an ex Erie. It was red when it arrived in Arcade. It is amazing at how bad paint is these days. The sun has beat the paint so bad it does indeed look pink!

Pat Connors

  by n2qhvRMLI
Hello Pat,

Thanks for that. I could not figure out the color scheme of that equipment.

de Don, n2qhvRMLI

  by scottychaos
How did #77 end up over by the A&A in the first place?
why did it leave Buffalo?


  by nessman
scottychaos wrote:How did #77 end up over by the A&A in the first place? why did it leave Buffalo?
If I remember correctly, once upon a time there were plans to create a working railroad museum / visitor's center just north of Arcade. Plans included a working turntable that was on the site for several years (which has since been moved to the RMLI downstate), better parking for excursions, etc. I believe SB 77 and the caboose were to be a part of it, however funding never materialized and weight restrictions / yard space kept the Alco at the NS interchange. Friction bearing trucks on the Alco and caboose are another reason why Conrail and now NS won't move it.