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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

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  by ctclark1
Not sure if this has been questioned before, but look at this map: http://rochester-railfan.net/images/Maps/map_atlas.gif (its big...)
Pay attention to the area between Attica and Batavia...

Am I reading this wrong, or is the person who drew the map wrong? Or did the A&A really run past Attica into Batavia at one time?
  by JT76
its not loading for me
  by BSOR Patarak
That map does indeed show it as ARA going between Attica and Batavia. It was actually a NYC line. The A&A shared the station at Attica with the Erie, but did also have an interchange with the NYC there. The narrow gauge proposed an extension north through Batavia to get to Lake Ontario for coal shipments. It never was built, but when the B&S bought the BA&A the idea was again discussed. Once again, nothing. Under the A&A in the 1920's it was discussed once more to lease or purchase the line from the NYC. It was felt that there was not enough traffic to justify it.

  by nessman
I never did "fix" that problem when I hosted the website. Here's a very compressed JPG version of the map:

It's still a big file, but should load up in your browser.

But anyway - the map comes from the Steam Powered Video railroad atlas - a good resource, but not the most accurate either. BSOR is correct - from Batavia to Attica, it's the long abandoned NYC ROW.