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  by jgallaway81
I was IMing with one of the guys from this forum last night. He sent me a link to a graphic he had done. Being a computer nut, I checked out the other files in the directory, finding a picture of a G-Scale layout which turned out to be his.

I then gave him the link to Ben's 44-ton USA Trains' CenterCab units.

While looking through that webshots folder, I found this image, which I think deserves to see the digital light of day as it were. The models are superb, the picture is perfect, and I think Ben deserves credit for his awesome models of A&A road power


Our Forum Moderator deserves the highest of accolades! Here Here Ben!

  by Benjamin Maggi
Thanks. Hopefully, I will have some coaches to run behind them too. That might be my winter project. And, a model of #18 is still waiting for Aristocraft to finally rerelease their C-16 model.

  by Otto Vondrak
Those models ARE awesome... Ben and I are currently developing a feature for this site that will explain how he built these engines. I just need to find a day or two to finish the article. I'm looking forward to Ben's future coach project, too!